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Evening Star Gazing

At the Woolshed ~ Reach for the Stars 


Wander down the star path &  arrive at the Evening Star's

historic woolshed to experience

the secrets & wonders of

our brilliant night sky.

 Enjoy the true outback sky & have its wonders explained by your guide who has 20 years experience in Astronomical Tourism.


  • Small personal group

  • Large Celestron CPC 1100HD Telescope
    (as used by Professor Stephen Hawking)

  • On-site at Evening Star Tourist Park

  • You are welcome to bring a beverage if you wish

  • Everyone welcome (Pet friendly too)

When viewing is over, meander back to the warmth of the fire pit.....


Bookings are essential and payment is cash only.
Phone (07) 4654 2430


818 Adavale Road

Charleville, QLD 4470

Only 8kms from Charleville

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