Evening Star Gazing 

At the Woolshed ~ Reach for the Stars 


Wander down the star path &  arrive at the Evening Star's

historic woolshed to experience

the secrets & wonders of

our brilliant night sky.

 Enjoy the true outback sky & have its wonders explained by your guide who has 20 years experience in Astronomical Tourism.


  • Small personal group

  • Large Celestron CPC 1100HD Telescope
    (as used by Professor Stephen Hawking)

  • On-site at Evening Star Tourist Park

  • You are welcome to bring a beverage if you wish

  • Everyone welcome (Pet friendly too)

When viewing is over, meander back to the warmth of the fire pit.....


(operating Monday, Wednesday, Friday,
Saturday & Sunday)

Phone (07) 4654 2430

email: eveningstarvanpark@gmail.com

818 Adavale Road

Charleville, QLD 4470

Only 8kms from Charleville